Lady Dior 2014 Campaign Featuring Marion Cotillard

Published on: 26 Mar 2014 in Fashion and Style, Fashion News

Lady Dior 2014 Campaign Featuring Marion Cotillard

The new Lady Dior 2014 campaign brings French actress Marion Cotillard into the spotlight. The Oscar winning star looks graceful and relaxed in the new ads lensed by skilled photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino even though she’s actually jumping from a hidden trampoline. The 38 old fashion icon has been promoting the luxury fashion house’s creations since 2008, so the ballerina dancer type poses idea managed to bring a touch of freshness to the new campaign.

Cotillard wears several feminine dresses with a ladylike allure from Raf Simmon’s Dior pre-fall 2014 collection. The gray background the new ads feature ensure the attention will be focused exactly on the essentials: the new versions of the iconic bag, and of course, the brunette star since, according to the press release issued by the company, the iconic style created in 1994 and later made popular by Princess Diana is meant to fit many criteria in order to meet the needs of modern women: “timelessly elegant, it’s forever renewing itself in surprising and creative ways”.

Marion Cotillard Lady Dior Campaign 2014

The focus on femininity is strongly reflected both in terms of color and print. From bold fuchsia toned options to gorgeous styles featuring floral prints, the new alternatives offer interesting representations of the concept of modern femininity. The new Dior Lady 2014 campaign will make its first print appearance on Friday in Vogue Brazil before debuting in the U.S. in Vanity Fair on April 2.

Marion Cotillard Lady Dior Campaign Spring 2014
Lady Dior 2014 Marion Cotillard

A closer glimpse at the 95 second making of video gives a much better perspective of the entire process of making the new campaign offering a more up-close view of the new options and makes us further understand why the new French actress has managed to stay the face of the label for so many years: her natural charisma and effortless graceful poses perfectly illustrate the elements the iconic Lady Dior handbag has become defined by over the years.

Marion Cotillard Lady Dior Spring Summer 2014

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Kristen Stewart Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 Campaign Sneak Peek

When we first learned that Kristen Stewart is the new face of Chanel, we weren’t quite sure what to think as it seemed like an unlikely pairing. However, now that we had the chance to see the first snippets of the Kristen Stewart for Chanel pre-fall 2014 campaign, the luxury fashion house’s vision becomes a lot clearer. 

The actress receives an interesting makeover, pulling a few seriously fierce poses. The new Chanel pre-fall 2014 ad campaign will only make its official debut this May, however, if these ads are any indication, we’ll have plenty of things to look forward to. 

From cool cornrows and bold brows to cowboy boots and fringed leather jackets, the new ads feature many interesting highlights which give an interesting glimpse into the famous designer’s vision for the new line. 

Kristen Stewart For Chanel Pre Fall 2014 Campaign

Though the Chanel pre-fall 2014 line brought both statement making ensembles and more versatile options into the spotlight, it appears only the former options are included in the new lineup since the looks are specifically styled to become instantly memorable. With Karl Lagerfeld himself behind the lenses, it’s hard to expect anything else from these Dallas-inspired shots.

Kristen Stewart Chanel Campaign Pre Fall

Given her preference for boyish casual comfy options, the new campaign’s laid back allure really seems to suit her well, which is why in many ways the new Chanel 2014 ad campaign seem an improvement from her Balenciaga fragrance ads, at least as far as adopting the character goes. Though we’ll have to wait until May to see the full campaign roll out to be able to pick the most daring ensembles the actress rocks in the new campaign, it’s quite obvious already that it will be a though call.

Kristen Stewart Chanel Campaign Pre Fall 2014

Love them or hate them, the latest Chanel collections for pre-fall and fall 2014 have really managed to bring a new light on high fashion and the possible ways of merging sportiness, edginess and luxury with a contemporary twist. What do you think? Is the label hitting the mark with the new options? Is Kristen Stewart a good pick for the luxury label?  

Kristen Stewart Chanel Pre Fall 2014


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