Weirdest Fashion Trends In History

While fashion moves at a truly breakneck pace in present times, and bad trends are quickly abandoned, there are plenty of ridiculous fashion trends that lasted for centuries, and shaped the look of women and men in a way that looks bizarre to the modern eye.

See the weirdest fashion trends in history and discover how they came to be and left a big mark on style history. From the European Dark Ages and Renaissance to weird African and Asian traditions, here are some of the most bizarre trends ever.

Powdered Wigs

Starting out in France, at the court of Louis XIII, powdered wigs are still worn by British and Australian judges in court to this day. 

Powdered Wigs

The trend began as a way to hide male pattern baldness, and after the king decided to hide his disappointing hair line with big powdered wigs, the aristocracy followed and helped turned the wigs into a status symbol.

Big Foreheads

16th Century Big Foreheads

Two centuries before powdered wigs ruled France, another beauty statement turned into one of the weirdest fashion trends in history. Seeing a more pronounced forehead as a mark of nobility, women began to pluck their eyebrows out completely and even push back their hairline. The most famous fashion victim that succumbed to this trend is the Mona Lisa herself!

Lotus Shoes

Lotus Shoes

Women with small feet were traditionally seen as more feminine in Chinese culture for centuries, and foot binding made sure that every girl could jump on the trend. Lotus shoes, shaped either like a cone or sheath were specifically designed for women with bound feet. The trend lasted for almost a thousand years before Chinese women realized suffering for fashion isn’t worth lifelong disabilities.

Egyptian Eye Make-Up

Egyptian Eye Makeup

While it may be used for a cool fashion statement today, the all black eyeliner seen as part of Cleopatra’s iconic look is one of weirdest fashion trends in history thanks to its initial function. Living in sunny North Africa and building pyramids covered in limestone that would shine even brighter in the afternoon, Egyptians started wearing black around their eyes to protect them from glare.

Pale Skin

Pale Skin

For centuries, fair skin was one of the biggest European beauty ideals. The reason why pale skin was in vogue is because it showed that a woman was truly a lady and wouldn’t spend one second of her time laboring outdoors. Avoiding a tan wasn’t enough, as women caked white powder on their faces as foundation before adding jarring blush on the lips and cheeks.

Big Curves

Curvy Women

The curvy women portrayed in Renaissance art are considered an ideal of healthy womanhood by many, but in fact they’re just one of the weirdest fashion trends in history. Making a statement by packing on extra pounds showed that you were well off, since the poor’ skinny appearance was considered unfashionable and unattractive at the time.

Neck Coils

Long Neck Rings

Still surviving in some African and Asian cultures, neck coils are supposed to create the appearance of an elongated neck. More that just a fashion accessory, neck coils can actually twist the collar bone and push down the upper ribs. Probably the unhealthiest fashion statement ever, neck coils were used for girls as young as 2 in some cultures.



If you think Lady Gaga’s insane platforms are ridiculous, take a look at chopines, one of the weirdest fashion trends in history. With a height of up to 20 inches, these platforms were popular in Europe from the 15th to the 17th centuries, and were designed to elevate women in order to protect their outfits from the filthy streets, especially in Venice and Spain.


Ganguro Trend

Born in Japan in the early ‘90s, Ganguro fashion mixes a deep tan with light shades of hair. While this fashion statement was only popular for a short time, it still deserves a mention as one of the weirdest fashion trends thanks to its “tacky” look. Ganguro girls would also wear light shades of makeup over the dark foundation, along with false eyelashes and even glued-on gems.

Bird Mask

Bird Mask

Designed to protect healthy women and men against the plague, the bird mask had bright red eyes and a “beak” filled with oranges as a protection against the disease. It’s definitely one of the weirdest fashion trends in history, but considering that almost half of Europe’s population died in the 14th century from the Black Death, we get why things got a little crazy.

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Best Shopping Apps 2014 for iPhone and Android

When you’re looking for the newest trends and the best prices, you can’t afford to stick to offline shopping. With the help of the the right shopping apps, available for iPhone and Android, you’ll be able to find the right deals at the right time and more.

Start using some of the best apps that can save you money while adding to your style and discover the best deals. Forget about paper coupons and try the best shopping apps of 2014 for all your fashion needs.

RetailMeNot (iPhone, Android)

One of the best ways to use time sensitive coupons, RetailMeNot is always there to notify you when to get the right deal. With the help of a location based search engine, the app will only show you the discounts available in your area, helping you get savings that even go over 20%. 

Retail Me Not App

While some coupons that are uploaded by users may include erroneous information, most of the deals in RetailMeNot are a great way to get discount prices.

Cartwheel by Target (iPhone, Android)

Cartwheel App

Whether you’re shopping for cereal or the latest designer collections available exclusively at Target, Cartwheel is definitely one of the best shopping apps of 2014. The app can create a single bar code that includes multiple coupons and the deals available in Target stores through Cartwheel can amount to even bigger savings because they can be used along with other coupons.

ShopSavvy (iPhone, Android)

Shop Savvy App

Considering the latest scandal that showed J.C. Penney increased prices before bringing them down for great “deals”, ShopSavvy is the best tool that helps you avoid fake sales. Scan the barcode of the product you want and ShopSavvy will search for better prices in the area. With Facebook integration, wishlists and other useful options, this free app is a must have for your smartphone.

Keep Shopping (iPhone/iPad)

Keep Shopping App

Mixing Pinterest with a store, Keep Shopping is definitely one of the best shopping apps of 2014, even if it’s not available for Android so far. Create lists of the products you want and share them with friends and family as birthday wishlists or simply enjoy the way this excellent new app locates items you can buy from Instagram’s trendiest fashion photos.

Dealnews (iPhone, Android)

Dealnews App

With 300 daily deals and plenty of coupon codes, Dealnews is a great app to use when you’re looking for the right price at the right time. If you’re not ready to buy on your smartphone, simply save the best deals you find and complete your shopping later at a desktop. Set notifications for items you want and you’ll be one of the first to know when they’re on sale.

shopkick (iPhone, Android)

Shopkick App

Get rewards by simply walking into partner stores and enjoy exclusive deals from Macy’s to Old Navy with this cool app. Whether you’re using Android or your iPhone, you’ll be able to get great prices and end up collecting points (kicks) that you can use to purchase products from any of the affiliated stores. It’s definitely one of the best shopping apps of 2014!

Fancy (iPhone, Android)

Fancy App

Combining the visual appeal of a magazine with the functionality of a wishlist and the convenience of a store, Fancy is a great app if you’re looking to find the coolest trends and make a purchase right away. With plenty of social options, the iPhone and Android app is a great way to shop for cool things and discover what your friends are buying.

Flipp (iPhone, Android)

Flipp App

Turning paper fliers into digital coupons, Flipp is one of the best shopping apps of the year if you’re looking to get great discounts without ever touching a real coupon. It’s one of the best shopping apps not only because it allows you to compare prices from different stores, but it also helps you stay on top of all the new deals from the stores you visit often.

The Find (iPhone, Android)

The Find App

One of the best barcode apps ever, The Find is one of the greatest tools for comparing prices. You can even use it to set a price you’re willing to pay for an item and get notified as soon as the discounts set in. If you prefer your shopping apps with gorgeous graphics, try Glimpse by The Find for an excellent shopping experience that turns online deals into your personal shopping catalogs.

ShopAdvisor (iPhone, Android)

Shopadvisor App

With more than 16,000 retailers and 200 million products in its data base, ShopAdvisor is definitely one of the best shopping apps in 2014 thanks to the simple way it helps you get all the info on pricing you need. You can set alerts or simply browse through an item’s price history to know if you’re getting a good deal.

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Kristen Stewart Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 Campaign Sneak Peek

When we first learned that Kristen Stewart is the new face of Chanel, we weren’t quite sure what to think as it seemed like an unlikely pairing. However, now that we had the chance to see the first snippets of the Kristen Stewart for Chanel pre-fall 2014 campaign, the luxury fashion house’s vision becomes a lot clearer. 

The actress receives an interesting makeover, pulling a few seriously fierce poses. The new Chanel pre-fall 2014 ad campaign will only make its official debut this May, however, if these ads are any indication, we’ll have plenty of things to look forward to. 

From cool cornrows and bold brows to cowboy boots and fringed leather jackets, the new ads feature many interesting highlights which give an interesting glimpse into the famous designer’s vision for the new line. 

Kristen Stewart For Chanel Pre Fall 2014 Campaign

Though the Chanel pre-fall 2014 line brought both statement making ensembles and more versatile options into the spotlight, it appears only the former options are included in the new lineup since the looks are specifically styled to become instantly memorable. With Karl Lagerfeld himself behind the lenses, it’s hard to expect anything else from these Dallas-inspired shots.

Kristen Stewart Chanel Campaign Pre Fall

Given her preference for boyish casual comfy options, the new campaign’s laid back allure really seems to suit her well, which is why in many ways the new Chanel 2014 ad campaign seem an improvement from her Balenciaga fragrance ads, at least as far as adopting the character goes. Though we’ll have to wait until May to see the full campaign roll out to be able to pick the most daring ensembles the actress rocks in the new campaign, it’s quite obvious already that it will be a though call.

Kristen Stewart Chanel Campaign Pre Fall 2014

Love them or hate them, the latest Chanel collections for pre-fall and fall 2014 have really managed to bring a new light on high fashion and the possible ways of merging sportiness, edginess and luxury with a contemporary twist. What do you think? Is the label hitting the mark with the new options? Is Kristen Stewart a good pick for the luxury label?  

Kristen Stewart Chanel Pre Fall 2014


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Trick to Saving That Last Bit of Lipstick


I got an email from a reader named Patti that included a lipstick trick I had to share with everyone (with Patti’s permission of course). She had read my tip for what to do with a tube when you’re at the end of it. I suggested in this article digging out the last bits with a cotton swab, putting them in a lipstick palette and mixing in a bit of Vaseline. I like Patti’s suggestion even more:

I scoop out the end of the tubes and put them in a pill case, the one with the days of the week individually capped, then nuke them until they melt. Use a lip brush and you have 7 lipsticks to go!

Thanks Patti…I can’t wait to try this on my favorite M.A.C. tubes.

Image: Pricegrabber

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YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush Spring 2014 Collection

The YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush line features 12 seductive tones which definitely put an unexpected spin on the concept of multifunctional makeup. This season, the luxury label comes with an interesting suggestion: “Kiss your cheeks. Blush your lips.” Intrigued and confused yet? It’s quite simple: the Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Kiss and Blush is a new matte finish cream lip color which can be used both on the lips and on the cheeks thanks to its cool 2 in 1 blendable, air-whipped mousse formula.

Though the idea of using lipstick as blush isn’t exactly new, it’s definitely interesting to see how the label has took the idea and refined it to make it even more convenient for those who love the idea of streamlining their beauty routine and being able to get the results they crave fast and easy. Despite the fact that the idea of grabbing a single product and using it for both purposes is the most economical and intuitive one, combing two different shades would prove even more interesting. The brand has chosen versatile yet seductive tones which can instantly create a strong effect.

The label has divided its new offerings into four categories, depending on the mood the tones evoked. It seems like the different facets of sensuality have proven to be the best sources of inspiration for the new pigments. Want to feel saucy, sexy, sassy or liberated? In each case, you have three stunning tones to choose from:

01 Fuchsia Desinvolte02 Rose Frivole

01 Fuchsia Desinvolte
02 Rose Frivole

03 Rose Libre04 Orange Fougueux

03 Rose Libre
04 Orange Fougueux

05 Rouge Effrontee06 Rouge Libertine

05 Rouge Effrontee
06 Rouge Libertine

07 Corail Affranchi08 Pink Hedoniste

07 Corail Affranchi
08 Pink Hedoniste

09 Rose Epicurien10 Nude Insolent

09 Rose Epicurien
10 Nude Insolent

11 Prune Impertinente12 Moca Garçonne

11 Prune Impertinente
12 Moca Garçonne

The YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush spring 2014 line is available exclusively at Nordstrom and Each of these beauty multitaskers retails for $40. In the UK, the new line is scheduled to hit the stores starting with April 27. April is also the international launch date for the new offerings.

Photos: Nordstrom

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Dior Addict Fluid Stick Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

The Dior Addict Fluid Stick summer 2014 collection will bring a brand new range of lip products from the luxury label. The brand has combined the qualities of a lipstick, lip gloss and a lip lacquer into a new product that promise superior performance. With sixteen gorgeous options to choose from, the new lip color range definitely has the potential to meet many different style needs.

Given the fact that the new products combine characteristics from three distinct lip products, it’s definitely worth knowing more about what to expect texture and formula-wise. It appears that the new options don’t contain any wax, which could make the products more unpleasant to wear. Apparently, the new options have a no makeup feel and offer an intense color and shine. Moreover, the highly pigmented tones come in shades which range from subdued neutrals to passionate, vibrant tones that invariably attract attention. Here are the tones the upscale label will soon bring in stores:

Dior Addict Fluid Stick for Summer 2014:

Dior Addict Fluid Stick Summer 2014

Whisper Beige – cool beige tone
Frisson – warm nude tone
Kiss Me – baby pink
Magique – pink

Dior Addict Fluid Stick Collection

Adventure – orange
Wonderland – coral with pink undertones
Minuit – chocolate grape
Intrigue – grape tone

Dior Addict Fluid Sticks

Vie D’Enfer – red with cool undertones
Mona Lisette – fuchsia
Beige Lie – beige
Artifice – bold orange

Dior Addict Fluid Stick 2014

Mirage – coral
Rieuse – subdued pink tone
Open Me – deep red
Pandore – vibrant red

To give beauty enthusiasts an idea as to what effect the new options will offer, the brand has enlisted model Sasha Luss for the new Dior Addict Fluid Stick ad campaign which was lensed by skilled photographer Steven Meisel and styled by Carine Roitfeld.

The new Dior Addict Fluid Stick lip products are scheduled to hit the counters internationally starting with May, however, some fashionistas might be able to get their hands on the new products in the beginning of April.

Are you feeling tempted by any of these shades?


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Style Advice from Rachel Zoe

One of the biggest supporters of the boho-chic look, Rachel Zoe has dressed celebrities from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to Jennifer Lawrence and her looks are almost always style winners. Discover some of the best style advice from Rachel Zoe, that you can easily apply to your own looks.

Rachel Zoe’s first book, “Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty and Everything Glamour” reached the New York Times Bestseller List and her 2014 follow up, “Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour” is set to become just as successful.

If you love stylish elegance with or without the boho-chic flavor, take style advice from Rachel Zoe to add a playful sophisticated twist to your wardrobe.

Bend Trends to Your Style

If certain trends don’t work with your silhouette, either skip them or adapt them to your style and body shape, even if they seem incompatible with your style. “You have to interpret what’s hot to make it work on yourself. If tweed suits are in but you’re not a suit kind of girl, wear the jacket with jeans and a pair of Converses,” Rachel Zoe told Elle Magazine.

Rachel Zoe Style Tricks

Get the Length of Pants Right

A big supporter of floor length pants, the stylist only make an exception for cropped designs that just go down to the ankles. While most women don’t get the same pair of pairs twice, to get them hemmed for stilettos and for flats, some of the best style advice from Rachel Zoe is to commit your pants to a certain look and make sure they’re just a quarter inch above the floor.

Don’t Avoid Boot-Cut Jeans

While slim fit is always a good look, the celebrity stylist is a big fan of boot-cut jeans and even wide-leg jeans. “They really elongate the leg. People think they have to wear everything skin-tight to look smaller, but that’s just not the case,” Rachel Zoe explained for Redbook Magazine.

Rachel Zoe Office Detail

Turn a Look Around with Oversized Accessories

Even a simple look, that some would even consider boring, can become gorgeous with the right accessories. One of the best style advice from Rachel Zoe, that she also used when styling looks for celebrities like Nicole Richie, is to go big with accessories. A chunky necklace and an oversized bag can create a stylish look, with or without big shades.

Be Bold With Jewelry

After styling Jennifer Lawrence’s look with necklaces draped at the back at the 2013 and 2014 Academy Awards, Rachel Zoe brought back a vintage trend that’s simply stunning. If your dress is already ornate enough on the front, drape a statement necklace on the back for a gorgeous look. Be bold and daring with jewelry if you want to be a fashion winner.

Leggings Are Great for New Moms

The best style advice from Rachel Zoe to expecting and new mothers is to work leggings to mix style and comfort. Pair them with long tunics, fitted jackets and add a piece of statement jewelry. “Wear leggings and riding boots, a cute jacket and some lipstick,” Rachel Zoe told The Bump.

Fur Is Perfect for Travel

Faux fur pieces can be used for many looks, but the best time to wear fur is when you travel. Wrap yourself in an oversized fur vest or coat and you’re set. “It doesn’t wrinkle, and it’s kind of like wearing a big blanket,” Rachel Zoe told Elle Magazine.

Rachel Zoe Fashion Office

Go to Extremes with Heels

Kitten heels are controversial among stylists, and avoiding them is part of the best style advice from Rachel Zoe. The celebrity stylists never recommends mid heels. Go for either flat or high heels for a well defined look. If you’re petite, be daring with five inch platforms from time to time, but don’t tire your legs constantly with such high platforms and heels.

Masculine Influences Are Always Elegant

Taking a lot of inspiration from menswear and mixing it with feminine pieces is one of the strong suits of Rachel Zoe’s style. That doesn’t mean boyfriend jeans or other slouchy items with masculine influences. Blazer and trousers are the best place to go for a menswear influence that you can keep in check with the right jewelry and accessories.

Rachel Zoe Office

Add Color with Makeup When You’re Wearing All Black

Nothing works better with an all black outfit that a bold lip. Add some color with your makeup, but mix textures in your black look for an elegant finish, according to style advice from Rachel Zoe.


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