Singer Tori Kelly Shares Her Secrets to Curly-Hair Perfection

by Caitlin Brody Email me
Entertainment assistant. Born-and-bred New Yorker. Gets abnormally excited over anything even tangentially related to the Olsens and drinks far too much espresso.

Tori Kelly’s been a busy girl the past few months. She released her dreamy EP, Foreword, opened for Ed Sheeran, and somehow managed to avoid a bad hair day while juggling it all. She stopped by our office to talk all about her booming music career (I’m personally addicted to the Taylor Swift cover medley she did with AJ Rafael), and she and I instantly bonded over our curly hair. Like, if anyone had overheard us, it would’ve sounded as if we were squealing over puppies. And lucky for us, she spilled the secrets to her enviable curls.


Glamour: I’m obsessed with your hair. Have you always worn it curly?

Tori Kelly: When I was younger, I was insecure about it and didn’t know how to manage it, so I would straighten it all the time. It was in the sixth grade that I thought, both of my parents had curly hair, so I must have had hair curly hair too. My mom then taught me a few tricks to work with my hair and I’ve been full-blown curly since. But if I ever feel like being somebody else for a day, I’ll straighten it.

Glamour: Girls everywhere are dying to know: What do you do to get those curls?

Tori Kelly: I’m obsessed with products and love the Davines Sea Salt Spray. I spray it all over my hair when it’s damp to dirty it up a bit and give my curls more texture. Then, I use Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream. It’s the one in the purple bottle. I also love the Garnier Fructis Style Surfer Hair products because you get a beachy curl, rather than a super tight curl. I can usually get away with using any one of those products on its own, but I like to use all of them at the same time.

Glamour: What’s your favorite hair product of all time?

Tori Kelly: I can’t remember the name, but there was a Garnier product that was like a putty that my mom and I were obsessed with. For some reason, Garnier discontinued the product, so for a while my mom and I would buy it on eBay. But we’ve had to cut the habit because now it’s so expensive—the stuff is so rare. I even tweeted at Garnier asking why they got rid of it, but I haven’t heard back!

Glamour: A lot of curly-haired girls are resistant to hair-dryers. I know I am! Do you use one?

Tori Kelly: I do, but I always use it on the lowest power. It gets too frizzy otherwise. After I shower and put in all my products, I hang out with the diffuser with my head flipped over for five to seven minutes. But before I use a hair-dryer, I’ll towel-dry my hair. Actually, drying your hair with an old T-shirt is a great trick. It helps to get all the extra water out, without bringing on frizz.

Glamour: How often do you wash your hair?

Tori Kelly: Whenever it feels dirty—usually every other day.

Glamour: Other than wearing it down, how do you like to style your hair?

Tori Kelly: I really like to rock it natural and let my hair go wild, but when I do style it, I slick all the hair over to one side with pins. It’s either that or a messy bun.

Check out Tori’s music and curls in her single “Dear No One.”

What are your curly-hair tricks? Let’s discuss!

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All the Details on How Beyoncé’s Hair Went From Hot and Wet to Glamorous Waves Last Night Straight From Her Hairstylist

If you missed the Grammys last night, I’ll sum up for you: Beyoncé;, Beyoncé, Beyoncé. Not only did she come out in wet hair and do an incredibly sexy version of “Drunk in Love” with her hubby, Jay-Z, but she then changed into a white dress that the entire world will have dreams about forever with her locks in dry, voluminous waves. Both looks were incredible, and I have all the details from her hairstylist, Kim Kimble.


To re-create this look, she says start with clean, wet hair and work Pantene Pro-V Curly No Crunch Curls Whip into hair from root to tip to define frizz-free curls. Then brush through with a paddle brush to create soft, piece-y waves, and scrunch hair to help keep its definition. Then go to town on your strands with Pantene Advanced+ Keratin Repair KeraGloss Oil Mist to keep it looking wet longer.

For her second look, you’re going to have to whip out your hair-dryer.

She says to dry hair with a diffuser pointed toward your crown to keep it smooth at the root, and then switch the nozzle so it points up underneath at the ends to achieve volume, continuing to scrunch the hair as you go. Then go back with a 1/2-inch flatiron and wrap small pieces of hair around it to create additional soft waves. Tame flyaways at the roots of hair with a blast of hairspray around the scalp, and finish off the look with the Pantene Advanced+ Keratin Repair KeraGloss Oil Mist for extra shine.

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This Trick Will Keep Your Hair From Looking Sad and Flat in Cold Weather

photo of Walk of Shame star Elizabeth Banks, for example, has reinspired me to style my hair this winter, instead of just living with it in a messy bun.


No shame in that walk! (Sorry, sorry, I couldn’t resist.) But seriously, Elizabeth’s hairstyle here requires only some good styling spray and 10 minutes of winding sections around a medium curling iron. Doing this adds just enough long-lasting bend to keep hair from falling totally flat, save for some flyaway staticky strands up top. Now that I have a long bob haircut similar to Elizabeth’s, I need to do a little more styling to keep my hair under control (my really long hair was so heavy that it was more resistant to weather changes).

Got any great winter hair tricks of your own to share today? We want to hear ’em!

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13 Ways the Holidays Can Ruin Your Looks

Holiday Beauty Tips – S
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by Alyssa Sparacino

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—right? The holidays are joyful, but with the cheer also comes chilly weather, out-of-town guests, stress, sleep deprivation, and more. 

In fact, the holidays—a time when you want to be looking your party best—can be a potential minefield of beauty hazards.

Here are some of the grinches that might steal your radiance this season, and what you can do to stop them.

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Manicure Madness! Come See the Coolest Nail Looks From the 2014 Grammys

by Beth Shapouri Email me
Beauty and lifestyle writer, ’80s pop culture enthusiast and self-proclaimed best person alive.

One thing you can’t accuse the manicures on the 2014 Grammys red carpet of is being boring. Loud, crazy, and kinda “out there,” sure, but not even a touch boring. Scroll through to see the coolest nail looks I spotted up close!

Scroll through to see…

Lorde’s painted fingertips for her performance of “Royals.”

Anna Kendrick’s chic taupe French manicure, done by celebrity manicurist Lisa Postma using Essie Chinchilly and Ignite the Night.

Steven Tyler’s black-stripe-down-the-middle look.

Madonna’s sparkly tipped white French mani.

Miranda Lambert’s frosted bronze polish.

Bonnie McKee’s jeweled nail art.

And Cyndi Lauper’s half-navy, half-gold style.

And as a bonus, click over and check out the cool nail look Leona Lewis posted on Instagram (done by Kimmie Kyees for Red Carpet Manicure).

P.S. Have you voted on your favorite overall beauty look from the Grammys red carpet yet? If not, you better click over and do it now!

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Jenna Elfman Took a Risk With This Hair and Makeup—I Think She Killed It (You?)

Jenna Elfman took a risk with her hair and makeup for an event yesterday and seriously killed the red carpet. I think so, anyway. Do you agree?



She wore what looked like a rose-gold eyeshadow encircling her entire eye—like a metallic play on smoky eyes—and her lashes were really lacquered up and feathery. Her hair was also dramatic: a very one-sided updo with a cascade of tendrils falling out. The back was textured and wavy, with small sections pinned to give it a piece-y effect.


This hair and makeup might not be for everyone, but I love it on Jenna; it’s fun and just a little offbeat yet still age-appropriate and not trying too hard. Sure, eyeshadow like this can always make your eyes seem a bit pinker, but I still like the surprising impact.

Can’t wait to see if you agree! Chime on in, ladies!

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Sofia Vergara Dishes on Her Genius Mascara Move, the Trend She’s Really Into Right Now, and the Trick She Uses to Make Her Eyes Look Big and Bright

In honor of its new LashBlast Bombshell Volume Mascara, CoverGirl hooked me up with brand ambassador and best-friend-in-my-head Sofia Vergara to get a few questions answered about her secrets to looking like a, well, bombshell (get it?). Here’s what she spilled, to be read in her fabulous Colombian accent, naturally.


GIBD: What three makeup or hair items are must-haves for you when you’re getting totally bombshelling (a.k.a. getting glammed up)?
Sofia: First, I LOVE big, bold lashes so the new CoverGirl Bombshell Volume mascara is a must. It has two mascaras in one double-ended tube for volume and intensity so your lashes look 10 times more noticeable. Second, I never leave the house without lipstick —my mother is the same; it’s a Latin thing—I love a bold hue, which can work for both day and night. Last, I like a concealer for touch-ups.

GIBD: How do you apply your mascara when you put it on yourself?
Sofia: For me, you can never have too much volume! I use three coats of mascara on my top lashes and one on the bottom. The best trick I have is to start as close to the base of lashes as you can—and then wiggle back and forth and move up and out through the lashes. Using an eyelash curler also makes a huge difference. I clamp at the base of my top lashes and hold for five seconds on each eye before applying mascara.

GIBD: Your hair is naturally light—do you feel like that makes mascara extra important for you look?
Sofia: A lot of people don’t know that I’m actually a natural blond—but I change up my look quite a bit. I have been working on sets for many years, so there are so many tricks I have picked up for really making my eyes pop against my lighter hair. My favorite trick is to use mascara on the lashes to accentuate the cat-eye look – which is actually quite easy to get by just extending your pencil just beyond the lash line. It really helps the eyes look big and bright.

GIBD: Have there ever been a hair or makeup trend you’ve gone for in the past or growing up that you look back on now and laugh about?
Sofia: Honestly, there’s not a lot I won’t wear or haven’t tried. But I don’t have a lot of regrets. I’m a bold-brow girl, so when everyone had these skinny, overplucked brows, or they were penciled on—I wasn’t into that so much. I also can’t really do the pastel eyeshadows—they just don’t work with my coloring. I tried big bangs once and didn’t really love them. I probably wouldn’t do that again.

GIBD: What one beauty trend are you really into right now? Bold brows, bold lips, big hair?
Well, honestly I’m into all those things! I like bold brows and lips and, of course, big hair! I would say my favorite look right now is the cat-eye—which you’ll see me wearing a lot on the red carpet. CoverGirl has this new Bombshell Intensity Liner that is part of the new Bombshell collection. It has a felt tip so it is really easy to put on.

GIBD: You seem so confident now! Was there anything you remember being self-conscious about as a kid? And how do you feel about it now?
Sofia: I’ve always been pretty confident. I grew up in a family of strong women, so I was always taught to be proud of who I am, the way I am. Beauty is different in Colombia—they like voluptuous curves and big hair—so it was weird when I got to Hollywood and everyone was so tall and so skinny. But to me, beauty is really all about confidence. If you feel beautiful, then you are beautiful. Of course I love to wear makeup and nice clothes, but at the end of the day, you have to feel good on the inside.

Amen, Sofia. Amen.

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